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Wire Saw Machine For Quarry

Item No. Wire Saw Machine
Permanent magnetic technology, Energy efficiency. Double invertors make it high efficiency, cutting current are automatic controlled, Famous international components,Easy operation and very low cost for maintenance.
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Equipment components:

Our machines equipped with famous international components: such as Siemens motors, Siemens PLC, Schneider & ABB relays, Yaskawa inverters to ensure high stability and low failure rate.


High efficiency: The equipment adopts dual frequency conversion system for high cutting efficiency, stable operation, and long service life of wire, which cutting speed can exceed 30% of other suppliers.

Easy operation

The equipment is easy to operate which can achieve automatic cutting, and wireless remote control.

Low-cost maintenance

Modular design is adopted, which is extremely convenient for maintenance and replacement of parts.


The equipment has protection functions for wire broken, machine overload, lack of phase, over-rotated limit etc.

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