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Corporate culture

Technical service concept:

The group carried on the concept of being customer-centric, insists on “technology to promote the market”, and “service to enhance value” In order to better serve customers, the group has set up offices in Wulian, Wenshang, Macheng, Zhongshan, Nanyang, Zhumadian in China etc. Established branches in the Americas and Europe. Established sales offices in more than ten countries including Asia and Africa. And set up a professional service team in major stone industry areas in the world. Provide customers with a full range of services and support, promote joints develop with partners , and win the future together

Enterprise mission:

The world's leading wire saw and wire saw equipment manufacturer, with products, manufacturing and services to win the trust of customers. Actively explore new strategic development opportunities in the industrial chain and break through the constraints of development space.

Corporate values: customer-centered; striver-oriented; long-term persistence in hard work than anyone else; self-reflection and self-criticism.

The corporate culture of Skystone people:

Entrepreneurial spirit:

As heaven keeps vigor through movement, a gentleman should unremittingly practice self-improvement.

Enroot stone industries to create our evergreen company

Originated from sincerity, excelling personal morality, perfecting each affairs and working for family, and striving for nation.

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