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TSY-MW12/14/16/32/34/50/52/74/76/80/86/Multi Wire Machine for granite stone cutting

Item No. TSY-MW12/14/16/32/34/50/52/74/76/80/86/
1.This multi wire sawing machine can be used for large slab cutting and stone processing and cutting. 2.The most important feature is that it has a small footprint, low noise pollution, good cutting slab quality, and simple operation. Our group sawing machine is high-efficiency . 3.We can cut a wide range of stones; the cooling water used in the cutting process can also be recycled and reused without causing waste.
Detailed Description
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Main structure

Reasonable , reliable and more simple , which could make cutting process is more stable


All parts has been well designed to make sure the multi wire could play its best performance to save the all the related cost

Maintenance and repaired

Excellent structure design make the maintenance and repairing work easy and fast . Special lubrication system an self proof design make sure it has the lower breakdown rate . According to using statistics , it has lowest maintenance cost compare with other machine

Installation: The whole structure is simple and easy to install , so it could achieved fast installation and all installed well around 10 days.

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