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Service of multi wire machine-------increasing output


Service case of multi wire machine-------increasing output for customers

In 2021, when the epidemic raged, Skystone still sent technicians to provide technical services for customers. Our services include the installation of multi wire machine and customer training. We started our work in early July.

In order to save customers' expenses to the greatest extent, we completed the installation in just over a week, and the progress surpassed the construction progress of other supporting equipment of customers, so we stopped for a few days. Customers are very pleased with our installation speed and the action of considering about them everywhere.

In this process, we also found that there are 8 circular saws in the customer's factory, which are cutting all the time, one cut for 45 minutes, which shows that this factory has very high requirements for output. How to help customers increase production is very important. With the performance of our wires, we can cut one block whithin about 2 hours, but how to circulate will be the focus of our work. In the process of communicating with customers, he shows his ideal aim is to finish 8 cuts one day. Based on cutting 24 hours a day, If his aim can be achieved, he will buy another one six months later.

Since then, we started our career as an operator in the customer's factory, working until late night every day, from 3 cuts on the first day to 6 cuts the next day (day shift). During this period, we worked out a cutting cycle plan with the customer, modified the block trolley (so that it can load an extra block and save the loading time), and explored the best cutting current. The customer also saw the power of our equipment, and the expected purchasing time was reduced from half a year to two months. The customer said that if the equipment was still so powerful two months later, he would buy the second one.

We are also very happy with the customer's commitment. Continue to work hard to provide high-quality service to customers, and try every means to help customers increase the production and slab quality. Customers are very moved. One afternoon, customers looked at the Italian equipment next to them (which has not been running because of poor after-sales service) and looked at us. They confirmed the second order for 50 wires machine with us in advance. I remember that the equipment has been running for less than 2 weeks until that day.

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